Coming Clean

You and I

We stood there,

Ravaged, broken and shattered.

Nothing more was left,

Nothing more to be spoken of.

Silence never felt so discerning

Never did the distance feel so far,

Until now…

Vicarious was the life I lived,

But deadly was the reality I suffered in.

Her lips tempted the passion within,

And there was I, caught in the crossfire,

Lust swaying over my senses.

Devil reigning me over…

Alas, everything changed,

A part of me died.

Never could I be the same,

Never could I love her in the same way.

But I held the ground,

I held the secret in the deepest corner,

Only to love her straight out of my heart.

Thought this would be a tale from the bygone past,

Which I would tell her at a moment in future,

When everything would be alright…

I held on, I held on.

I dealt with the demons inside,

I struggled with the guilt

But how long could this go on!!

This had to end somewhere,

And the moment was now!!!!

And now that I have opened up

The deepest secret of my heart.

Dear reader,

Here we are standing…

Lost we are,

Everything has lost its meaning.

She is hurt by the deeds of my past,

Nor will she trust me again

Never will she love me again.

And here I stand vindicated,

But I seek forgiveness,

With a hope of starting all again

Coz she was the only one I ever loved……..


15 thoughts on “Coming Clean

  1. Intriguing Dichotomy of Truth. Does truth essentially frees you? Or does the bow cruelly stings you and fixiates you within the trembling chambers of Hades? Compelling personal work, I appreciate and approve this πŸ˜ŽπŸ™‚

    PS- Don’t check my blog, it’s embarrassment of adolescent, I’m too bored to delete everything.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Icestars, you are right, it’s both. It is difficult but I feel it frees you no matter what the consequences are. You be a better person. Thank you for your feedback πŸ™‚


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