Number 23

Another year passes by and another number adds up. Last year somewhere around this time i started blogging, although i disappeared for quite a few months. Writer’s block and lethargy is  really a bad cocktail!!

Well, i am 23 this year and i already feel like a grown up who is clueless and lost in his path.  Choosing an offbeat track has it’s own challenges, especially in a society where you are expected to do a conventional living. And the pressure is real and heavy. It’s EVERYWHERE!!!!

But HEY!! My journey isn’t as bad as it seems. Time is a magician who can do wonders. Although i haven’t got a big breakthrough which everyone looks for, i am still at a better place than before. Burnt bridges were rebuilt again, became a better person than what i was before.  Met some beautiful and humble folks  who have motivated me. If not for the amazing people i had in my life, right from musicians who i look up to and i learn from to my close friends and family i would have had a tough time in this huge system that we all are in.

Some days i am brimming at my creative best; Man! i love those days! i have an energy which takes my skills to a higher level. And i wonder how the hell did i end up playing so beautifully. But just like the ‘sine wave’ i hit the bottom real hard and low. I hate such days!! Makes me feel dreary and like a madman who is fed up with the ways of the world. I get demotivated and everything around me gets so frustrating that i cannot even focus on my daily practice routine.

By now you reader must have guessed what’s my current state. Yeah i am at the bottom right now, i know i have to practice and make myself better but there is something which stops me. I have YouTube but i don’t know what i should listen to. I have things to do but all i want to do is nothing. Yeah! The only thing i am doing right now is ranting and whining about my life at 23 on WordPress.

Well, never mind. I would be over this soon and i will be back again to my world of music, just like i am in this picture. Signing Off! Peace!

The best place to forget everything! The Stage!




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